I started taking photos at 13, first camera at 16, processing and printing my own work at the same age. After school, I went to art college to train as a wildlife artist, and then briefly headed to London before returning to the provinces and setting up my own graphic design agency. It was during this time that photography became a key part of my creative armoury again, and eventually took over completely.
I am best known for my photojournalism, having travelled extensively, living and working in Afghanistan during the conflict for a year. But I have worked across multiple genres, and each must inform the others. When I photographed the violent destruction of the Paris riots, I employed concepts and techniques that I developed whilst shooting fine art seascapes - techniques that I first developed on the canals and rivers of Paris.
I am a strong believer in the power of constructivism and self-development, and these things are enhanced by working across multiple genres and skills. I have written four books, and also directed for T.V. alongside my photography. I wrote over a hundred articles about photography for the British photographic press, being lead columnist for Professional Photographer Magazine for many years.

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